Jack Weaver
Florida, USA

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°.......Major, Bachelor of Biblical Education
B.F.A. Degree, UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, Tuscaloosa, AL
°.......Major : Fine Arts, Minors: Graphics and Ceramic Technology

GOAL: To see everyone understand the Bible and receive the Free Gift of Salvation offered by Jesus Christ by His death, burial and resurrection. He died for the sins of the world (you and me) so when you trust Him as your Savior (not by works but by faith alone), you have eternal life guaranteed by God Himself. (John 3:16)

SPEARHEADED the organization and formation of Palmetto Bible Church, Miami, FL, which I served as Pastor for 12 wonderful years. As a church we organized Youth Ranch Ministries, door to door visitation and witnessing, regularly weekly Church and Sunday School services.
HELPED found, build and was the first chairman of the board of directors, Florida Christian School, Miami, FL.
SERVED on the Board of Directors of the Indian Bible Missions, Miami FL, preaching the Gospel to Indian youth throughout the Western USA.
SERVED 11 years as Computer Systems Administrator for Ransom Everglades School, Coconut Grove FL
APPOINTED to the college General Advisory Board by the President of Florida Bible College Hollywood, FL.
SERVED as a speaker at the Florida Educational Technology Conference (the Florida Department of Education) held in Tampa FL, February 1991. Topic: "Surviving the Agony and Ecstasy of Administrative and Academic Computerization."

FORMED Input Systems, Inc., a computer consulting and software development company.. We performed micro computer systems analysis, software engineering and consultation for PC compatibles.
APPOINTED by the Governor of the State of Florida to a membership in the five man Florida Pest Control Industry Regulatory Commission.
SERVED as director of the Art Department, Training Aids division, Ordinance Guided Missile School at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama with a secret security clearance.

TYPRO, the first commercial integrated word processor and data base for the Commodore computers.
PHON-DIAL 64, the first commercial Commodore software to use computer generated signals for telephonic dialing.
CAM-64, a Call Account Management system, using a small computer to monitor and record 800 LD PBX telephone calls.
ABL-64, an electronic cartridge device designed to resume execution of a program after a power failure.
MENU, a mouse driven, user programmable menu system designed specifically for the Novell network system, yet easily adaptable to stand alone computer menu uses.
APR, a flexible disk based portable student grade and data entry system for teacher use in recording student grades. APR automatically posts and publishes these grades to a network server for multiple easy access by authorized personnel.



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